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From infants to children to teens to adults, whatever your nutrition needs we are here for you.  Whether you are looking for weight loss/management, fertility assistance, chronic disease prevention/management for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, certain cancers, we can offer a whole range of nutrition solutions for you.

Payment for services is expected at the end of every nutrition consultation.  After every session, you will receive a superbill or receipt for services which will include an ICD-9 code for reimbursement purposes.  It is the responsibility of all clients to submit this form for reimbursement through their insurance companies.  Nutrition services may be reimbursed through health care flexible spending accounts, also.


Your goals come first.  Through nutrition coaching and guidance with the most up-to-date nutrition information and healthy eating techniques, the premise of our nutrition counseling is to provide the skills to learn how to eat for a happy, healthy and successful life.   The process of change and growth is a slow and steady one, which means that a solid counselor-client relationship is necessary component of our program.


To avoid paper overload, there are only a couple of forms to fill out prior to an initial consultation.  Download the following forms to begin the process of working your eating and health today!