As you know I am all about lifestyle change through food, fitness and fun.  It’s always such a joy inspiring simple changes in others – as well as myself.  Whether it’s a food rut, activity rut or lifestyle rut, there’s always a simple change that you can make today.

There are so many things that I’ve learned as a registered dietitian nutritionist – part of on-the-job-training!  Here are some simple ways to hop aboard the healthy living train every day. . .


Living with Healthy Style


1) Ignite your senses with herbs and spices in your cooking. (Your body will get beneficial compounds to prevent disease and keep you feeling great.)

2) Sweeten your palate with whole fruit. (Yes, unsweetened dried fruit counts.)

3) Portion control foods by reading the servings sizes on the nutrition facts label.  (Look for the serving size and number of servings on a package).

4) Bring healthy meals and snacks with you on the go. (To avoid stopping for convenient, less healthy options.)

5) Eat a vegetarian meal today.  (Make a full day meatless, if you can.)


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6) Up your fiber with plant foods.  (Eat more whole grains, beans, legumes, whole fruits and veggies.)

7) Sprinkle unsweetened cocoa powder into coffee, oatmeal or chili.  (It’s a heart-healthy, antioxidant punch.) 

8) Cut alcohol in half and hydrate with water.   (Drink sparkling water or douse into a glass of wine for a spritzer.)

9) Get on the floor.  (Stretches, planks, push-ups and sit-ups are all strength-building and toning.)

10) Live in the moment.  (Put your technology down and spend time with your family, friends or your significant other without distractions.)