Cheddar cheese was on the menu at Marion Street Cheese Market at a recent tasting I attended with other local Chicago food writers and bloggers. I have to admit as a nutritionist, I definitely advise moderation when it comes to cheese, especially full-fat varieties – however, in this case, as the saying goes, “Everything in moderation, even moderation.” So enjoy, is what I did!

Courtesy of Cabot Creamery* – a dairy cooperative of 1,200 farms in New England and New York, this afternoon of cheese tasting was made special by Chef Leonard Hollander’s culinary creativity.  A delicious array of plates were made from Cabot cheddar cheeses: Clothbound, Private Stock and Sharp varieties expertly paired with wines and beers at each course.

The initial tasting plates of Cabot cheddars enhanced by a combination of locally jarred fruit spreads, jams, and pickled figs and candied walnuts.  All of the cheddars were delicious with their own unique characteristics.


And it kept getting better from Scotch quail egg on a bed of greens with Cabot Private Stock Cheddar shavings…


…to a pulled venison sandwich enhanced with Cabot Sharp Cheddar with a side of root veggie chips.  Simply delish! (Yes, a doggy bag was  needed!)


Unfortunately, I had to miss out on the cheesecake dessert, but I did go home with 10 Cabot cheddars.   I had no choice, but to host my own wine and Cabot cheese tasting party at my house the next night.  The winners were Clothbound with it’s crumbly, rich texture and mouthfeel and the Horseradish cheddar with its exquisite bite.  Great with a glass of pinot noir!


*Cabot Creamery Cooperative makes a whole line of cheddar cheeses, including 50% and 75% reduced fat cheddars, too.  (As a result, Cabot is one of my clients!)  And it helps that it all tastes fabulous…