For chocolate lovers like me, there’s no greater joy than biting into a rich chocolate treat and thinking that you’re getting health benefits from the chocolate.

In reality, the traditional processing of cocoa to make chocolate includes fermenting, drying and roasting the cocoa beans, and all of this can destroy the healthy part of cocoa, known as ‘cocoa flavanols’, which are naturally present in the cocoa bean.  Cocoa flavanols are plant-based nutrients that work with your body to maintain a healthy level of nitric oxide, which works with your blood vessels to support the healthy flow of oxygen and nutrients throughout your body.



In this recipe, I am trying CocoaVia®, a cocoa extract, which contains a ton of natural plant compounds.

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I can’t resist hearty whole grain toast with hazelnut spread, so today I am concocting my own with almond butter and  cocoa extract.  Just mix one stick pack of the cocoa extract into nut butter, spread onto your toast and then sprinkle the berries on top.

In minutes, you’ve got a tasty meal or nourishing snack that incorporates healthy protein and good-for-you fat, plus plant-based nutrients from the berries and the cocoa extract.  The best part is you can bring these dark chocolate stick packs with you on the go – just pop it into your purse, day pack or lunch bag, to easily swirl into warm oatmeal, sprinkle into your morning coffee or blend into your smoothies.

Cocoa Almond Butter & Berry Toast

CocoaVia Toast

1 serving 


1 slice whole grain bread

1 Tablespoon natural almond butter

¼ cup fresh strawberries, sliced or blueberries, rinsed and pat dry

1 CocoaVia® unsweetened cocoa extract stick pack


Put a slice of whole grain bread into the toaster until crisp and lightly browned.  Remove from toaster.

Mix one stick pack of cocoa extract into the almond butter.  Spread generously to cover the whole slice of bread. Top with berries. Enjoy!