I can’t count how many times a client, friend or family member has asked for quick and simple portable mobile phone applications (aka “apps”) for what to eat and how to cook it.  There are more apps out there then we think and they are not necessarily made by the computer techies of the world.   Registered dietitians and chefs are crafting interactive, fun and creative programs around healthful eating.  Today I caught a glimpse of some on a professional listserv that I am member of – there’s an iphone app called Salad Secrets created by Nicholas Doherty, son of Judy Doherty, chef-owner of Food and Health Communications, Inc.  Just go to iTunes and for a mere .$99 you can literally have 40 different ways to make salads in your hip pocket.  Each of the salad recipes is accompanied by beautiful color photos.  So you can peruse your recipe options and actually see the salad of your dreams as you walk through the grocery store and pick up the ingredients to make it that day!  It’s all very Jetson-esque. 

Registered dietitian, Catherine Frederico, has FREE downloadable nutrition apps on her site www.nutritionvision.info.  She is the creator of a nutrition app called Food Focus: Fruits – it’s an app to help you “start the conversation about eating healthy”.   And for anyone who needs a healthy eating coach at their fingertips at all times, there’s an innovative app developed by registered dietitian, Lisa Bunce, called mylilcoach.  It’s brillantly designed to give you gentle healthy reminders throughout the day, such as to eat fruit, drink water and to eat slowly and mindfully.  You gotta love it!  It’s $1.99 on iTunes.

Why not make healthy eating a daily game that you play?  It can add another dimension to the brocolli, carrots, spinach and whole grain pasta on your plate.  So I encourage you to become an active participant in the world of healthy eating apps and games and you’ll not just play, but win!  To find out more, check out www.gamesforhealth.org.

Enjoy your portable healthy eating options.  If there are any you recommend, please drop me a note.