chocolate-cakeWho would dream of a romantic evening of teriyaki tofu over curried brown rice with mixed greens and a fine glass of Kim Crawford Pinot Grigio  — topped off with a decadent chocolate buttercream cake.  I guess you could say that my household poses the ultimate calorie conundrum.  I prefer plain yogurt mixed with all-fruit spread and my husband craves gooey cinnamon buns with vanilla icing….let’s face it, we both love food, but I err on the lower calorie side – being  a RD/Nutrition Expert and my other half gets paid to create, develop and sell sweet, indulgent desserts to people.   I always joke that we keep eachother in business because the more people indulge in his fare, the more they need me to keep their waistlines in check.  I am the conscience and my husband is “happiness” (so he says!)   I guess we could compromise with a dark chocolate tofu mousse cake – at least there are some healthy virtues infused into this dessert.  However, would that be fair or just a compromise on my end and not his?  I’ve got to keep thinking about this….