What are you eating with all this time at home?     

With the COVID-19 restrictions in place and more time at home, eating well and taking care of yourself are the keys to keeping your immune system functioning optimally.   I was recently on WGN-TV’s Medical Watch offering my healthy eating tips to ease your burden now.

Watch my WGN-TV Medical Watch video here.

Stress and anxiety can suppress the immune system – and lead to cravings for highly processed foods at the same time. The best thing you can do to keep your immune system functioning optimally is to eat as balanced as possible.  Choose whole foods first: colorful vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, whole grains, nuts and seeds and good quality proteins like fatty fish and other seafood as well as chicken breast and eggs.

Key nutrients for your immunity and overall total body health

  • Phyto (plant) nutrients – whole grains, whole vegetables and fruits
  • Fiber – whole grains, nuts, seeds, whole vegetables and fruits
  • Antioxidants – colorful leafy veggies, berries and richly colored fruits and veggies
  • Good quality protein – eggs, chicken or turkey breast, grass-fed beef, beans, tofu, nuts, nut butter and seeds
  • Healthy fats – salmon, halibut, tuna, avocado, nuts, seeds and extra virgin olive oil
  • Vitamin D – egg yolks, fortified milks, fatty fish (salmon, halibut, tuna) – get a few minutes of sunlight every day, if possible, or take a supplement, if you have have a low vitamin D level
  • Fermented foods – plain yogurt or kefir, black mushrooms, kimchi, sauerkraut, farmer’s cheese
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Cooking Hacks

  • Make enough food for leftovers the next day
  • Use frozen fruits, veggies and proteins sources like chicken and turkey breast and seafood.
  • Make egg muffins and freeze
  • Canned beans
  • Bagged salads
  • Slow cooker meals
  • Capitalize on whole grains as they are easy to keep in the refrigerator or frozen.

Have fun in the kitchen with your family.   Do themed nights!

  • Crazy quesadilla nights
  • Do tacos nights
  • Make your own pizza nights
  • Create fun chili nights
  • Toss together slow cooker soups and stews

Will this post help your eating and shopping during the COVID-19 quarantine?  If so, let me know your favorites take-aways and healthy meals you are making by tagging me @vsrnutrition on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest.  

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Stay well at home now!