Ok, so I faked it tonight.  I experimented with a new fish,  Arctic char – and told my family later. I am always on the look out for new, interesting (and eco-friendly) healthful food options – and this is one!  Normally, I look for wild fish, but Arctic char is farmed in an ecologically friendly fashion – and that’s so appealing to me.  Little did my husband and two mildly picky-eating preschoolers know they were not eating salmon (our go-to seafood selection).  If you’ve never seen Arctic char, its pinkish, thick flesh is a close call for salmon.   And cooking it is business as usual.   As I do with salmon fillets, I placed the char in a foil-lined baking dish, drizzled dark sesame oil on it with a touch of salt and pepper and baked it in a hot oven (425 degrees) until its internal temperature was nice and safe  at 150 degrees.  It turned out delectably with a golden, crisp edges and flaky, moist flesh.  Served up with crisp and refreshing cucumber and tomato salsa, my fish experiment for my family meal worked out well.  

For smart seafood choices, check out Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch.   FYI: Arctic char is on their “Super Green List” – it’s a must-try.  I invite you to try Arctic char. 

If you do, let me know what you think…