We made it – 5 years!  Having just celebrated my fifth wedding anniversary, I am the first to tell you that marriage has been positive for my health.  I thought that was the consensus among the experts in nuptual research – however, to my surprise new research in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior has revealed that never-married men are taking better care of themselves and improving their overall health status (and decreasing the so-called “wellness gap” between married and unmarried people).  When I think about it — as a wife, mother of two toddlers and a professional person, my focus on my own health and wellness has certainly shifted as my life is consumed with changing diapers, cleaning dirty knees and faces and singing the A,B,C’s.  One thing that I can’t deny is that my balance is better: from balacing my plate to my time – the need to share everything has made me a better person….

It’s good to know that single or married, people are focusing on their health.  I’d love to hear your thoughts….