I just finished taping a segment for my local TV station on health eats for Super Bowl Sunday. Just because Game Day is one of the biggest eating days of the year (behind Thanksgiving), doesn’t mean we can’t indulge, yet incorporate some nutrient-dense foods into our party table.   Get your family and friends eating fruits, vegetables and healthful nuts and dark chocolate sweet treats along with some bites of what I call the “other” stuff (fried, cheesy and batter-dipped foods).  Deprivation is not the key on a festive day, but making the right choices is…

So choose:

–  Avocado-based dips with baked chips 

–  Colorful and crunchy veggie and fruit kabobs 

–  Healthful nuts like pistachios – in the shell they are a great portion-controlled treat (there’s 49 in a serving and the shells are a great reminder of when you’ve had enough!)

– Handmade chocolate-dipped dried plums, apricots and apples.  Great way to indulge a sweet tooth in a healthy way!

So enjoy Super Bowl Sunday and remember, of the 1,200 calories that most people consume in snacks alone, according to data from the Calorie Control Council, make the majority of your calories count with nutrient-rich veggies, fruits, whole grains and good fats.  And you’ll be on the winning team, for sure!