Happy 2009! With inauguration season upon us – it’s the perfect time to initiate a sparkling, new YOU.   Ring in the New Year and new leadership in our country by taking charge of your own health.   Resign to clean up your eating habits, lose excess weight and cleanse your whole mind & body.


1- Rid your home of “junk” food temptations and focus on getting foods with real nutritional value.   Instead of chips, eat a handful of nuts everyday, such as pistachios – one serving (49 nuts) has as much potassium as a half a large banana and contains loads of heart-healthy fat and fiber.I’d love to blog about YOU.  Just let me know what your nutrition resolutions are for this year.   (My hope is the you will stick with them once they are in writing!)


2- Use more herbs and spices instead of salt and butter to flavor foods.  Herbs, such as basil, thyme and oregano contain zero calories, no fat and impart dozens of health benefits.  Did you know that adding basil to you tomato sauce you can help keep you blood flowing more smoothly and lessen your risk for blood clots?  Well, it can!


3- Add more fiber, nutty flavor and use less animal meats by adding whole oats to your meatloaf, hamburgers and meatballs.  Also, add beans – whatever type you want, black, kidney or pinto, to soups, salads and chili for a fiber and protein boost. Are you getting at least 25 grams of fiber per day?


I’d love to blog about YOU.  Just let me know what your nutrition resolutions are for 2009. (My hope is that once it’s in writing, you’ll stick with it!) 

Happy & Healthy ’09!