Is Dry January Good For You?

Published on: 01/07/2021

Dry January, anyone?

It’s all the rage to give up alcohol for the month of January, right?  The moderate, mindful side of me says that’s drastic and will lead to overdoing it after the month is over, but the goal-oriented part of me likes the challenge of cutting out alcohol completely for the month.  It’s a personal choice – and it doesn’t make you a good or bad person either way.  Interestingly, younger adults are participating in temporary sobriety much more so than older adults, according to statistics from last year.

Whether you want to go dry or just dampen your drinking for January, it can be a chance to renew your commitment to health and get more moderate with your alcohol consumption.  You’ll not only cut calories, support your immunity, liver and metabolic functions, but you’ll save money, too.  Yay!

Here are some simple ways to cut back on alcohol in January:

  • Infuse freshly squeezed lemon, lime or orange into still or sparkling water.

  • Slice cucumber into water with a splash of pomegranate juice.

  • Toss unsweetened frozen fruit, such as a couple of cherries, pineapple chunks or blueberries into sparkling water.

  • Enjoy a non-alcoholic beer or mocktail during your virtual happy hours.

  • Blend together veggies, fruits, nut and/or nut butters, milk or yogurt for tasty, frothy concoctions.

Try this Minty Mango Strawberry Breeze recipe.

Whatever commitment to your health you make in January, make it a consistent effort that can jumpstart healthier behaviors all year long.

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Healthy and Happy 2024!



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