Celebrate good times!  Nothing says fiesta like a good bubbly drink with or without alcohol.  From sparkling wine to sparkling water, it’s always fun to dazzle guests with homemade bevies.

You can add most anything to festive drinks and with a hint of alcohol you can amp it up a notch, too.  From muddled herbs and spices to the essence of fruits and veggies, you can add your signature to any drink.  These celebratory beverages can be made with or without alcohol.

Mango blender

Today’s bevies are jammed with vitamin C from mangoes and strawberries, plus delightful aromatics from the fresh mint leaves, these drinks naturally sweeten up any festivity.

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Mango blender 2

 Minty Mango Strawberry Breeze

Mango cocktails

 Makes 4 aperitifs 


[For mocktail:]

1/2 large ripe mango, peeled and sliced

3 large strawberries, hulled

4 – 5 mint leaves

¼ cup cold water

4 ice cubes

[For cocktail:]

Add a splash of your favorite vodka or rum.


Place all ingredients into a blender and puree.  Place ice in glasses and pour in fruity mixture.

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