What is it about gourmet grocery stores that makes my foodie hairs stand up on the back of my neck?  With the excitement of new culinary discoveries while approaching the doorway to exotic, tasty and nutritious eats, my heart begins to pitter patter and my gastic juices flow in anticipation.  There is something about neat, clean and well-organized rows of vegetable oils from avocado to sunflower to extra-virgin olive; bottles of vinegar with delicate hues ranging from deep black to red t0 orangey-brown to clear; buckets of large, small and stuffed olives from different regions of the world wait to be scooped out and taken home for a fabulous heart healthy accompaniment to your next meal. 

Food is a universal passion for patrons of gourmet markets.  As I was admiring the wall of marvelously stinky cheeses and vats of olives at this fabulous urban gourmet grocer, I chatted it up with a food-loving, locavore couple with a similar passion for fresh, local and delicious tasting food for their family and community.  It is amazing how an appetite for good food and the search for new tastes and flavors brings people together – even if for a brief moment.  We are all part of this gastronomic human condition that appreciates the smell of freshly baked artisan breads, the sight of colorful fruit-filled tarts and flavor-infused chocolates and the possibility of creating culinary combinations that both nourish and sustain our well-being.  In our world of abundance sometimes tasting isn’t even necessary – imagination is the only thing required, especially when you are immersed in a fabulous food environment. 

Does where you buy your food make a difference to you? I’d love to know….