p1010321My two toddlers LOVE to eat, and the best part is they love to eat “Real Food” – not the fake, processed, made-for-kids-stuff.   It might sound sick, but they use their fingers as scoops to devour hummus, and chow down on falafels (they call them ‘chick pea balls’), they savor fresh mozzeralla and even help me pick basil from our backyard stash for homemade caprese salad.  They would take down a whole container of cherry or grape tomatoes in a sitting (if I let them!) and plead hunger when they have finshed their last bite of applesauce (unsweetened, ofcourse!) and want more….

It used to nag at me – as a nutrition professional who counsels overweight people –  that maybe this love of food isn’t a good thing and will lead to weight issues down the road.  But I quickly squelched that passing notion and determined my lot in life as a postive one — as these kids are growing well and need good food (not junk)!  It’s one of the pleasures in life to see them eat and really enjoy food.  It reminds me of my grandmother’s glances of love as my sisters and I ate her delicious home-cooked meals.  A healthy appetite is a wonderful thing that should be cherished forever!  Bon appetit!