The ruling finally passed in the ‘Big Apple’ – fast food and casual-dining chains have to list the calorie values of all foods on their menus as of Friday, July 18.  With NYC being the first city to enforce restaurants to become naked to consumers, the hope is that will curtail calorie-loading, especially at lunchtime.  The city is not joking as it’s a $$ TWO-Grand fine for non-compliance. 

A city-wide study done last year found that more than 30 percent of people ate over 1,000 calories just at lunch – Wow!!   Let’s hope that this new ruling is an impetus to help people make informed (i.e., healthier) decisions.   Whether or not it will, we have to do something!   I am optimistic that this will push people in the right direction.  No one is going to be perfect and forego their favorite foods everyday – even if 2 out of 5 lunches out are ordered differently (with fewer calories and fat) than there is value to this health code provision.   

If you knew that a burger, fries and drink were over 1,000 calories would you order it?  I’d love to hear what you have to say…..