It’s that time again, to welcome in another year in our lives — ofcourse we want to be happy, healthy and productive. But what does that mean?  Is it a smaller waistline, a healthier heart, an arsenal of easy, healthy and satisfiying recipes at your fingertips or the opportunity to make a difference in yours and others lives?  Happiness comes in many shapes and sizes; unwrapped and wrapped; it’s a compilation of many things that come together in your life.  For me and my life’s work, I want to help people figure out how to make their health goals a reality.  Here is some food for thought as we enter 2010:

– Become your biggest health advocate – think about what you really want and GO for it!

– Write out your goals and enforce them with your signature on the page (somewhere….anywhere!) It becomes more contractual (aka harder to break) if you put it on paper and sign it.

– Shoot for small changes to what, how and when you are eating.  Since we have to eat to live (or live to eat as some of us do!)  It’s important to choose a food-related goal toward health because I know there’s always another serving of veggies that we can get in our day (yes, that includes me!)

As I write this at 12:06 am on the second day into another year – I think about the possibilities for change, growth and adventure in the coming 12 months.  It’s exciting!  As a wise person once told me, “Listen to your life…”  We can all learn a lot about where we are (and want) to go, if we pay attention to where we’ve been.

Happy & Healthy 2010!  I look forward to listening with you…