Thank you to all my colleagues for making this year’s Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo in Chicago such a success!  I had the priviledge of presenting at ADA’s Student Forum (along with three fanastic nutrition professionals!) – it was a sheer joy to share my path and journey with nutrition students.  If my presentation touched one life than it was more than worth it. :-  My life was certainly enhanced by talking with student afterwards.  Also, the Opening Session with Christopher Gardner touched a cord — as I learned to go for whatever you want in life b/c obstacles are temporary if you have a dream.  

From social to educational, FNCE was an inspirational time — from umami to wine tasting seminars to green eating, the world of nutrition is burgeoning with exciting opportunities.  I am renewed to strive forward with speaking, writing and being the best nutrition communicator possible!

Bon appetit — until we meet again!