It really  is true that magic happens when you meet the person responsible for the production of something outstanding!  When we traveled to Sonoma to celebrate a milestone in my life, who  would have known that we would gain so much perspective from an 89-year old vitner? 

 We happened upon MacLeod Winery on a cool, rainy day. The mountains were covered with low-lying clouds and the air was crisp, but we ventured a mile up the country road to a local winery. We reached the main grounds to find a farmhouse where there was a group already on a tour.  We were invited to walk the grounds and check  out the sites (and what beautiful terrain it was!).  The rows and rows of gnarly grape vines saluted us as we trekked in the muddy, rocky soil to discover what lay ahead over each small hill.  When we were greeted by Mr. (George) MacLeod himself, we immediately listened to his tales of vineyard ownership.  At 89 year old, his recollection of the early years (30 years) tending to this vines was crystal clear.  You could feel the passion in his soul from his words…we all want to look back (and forward) in our lives with the same vim and vigor.

We wrapped up the visit with a private wine tasting with Mr. MacLeod, complete with succulent  grilled oysters, which his son was grilling on their bbq in the rain, and artisan-style bread.   The bottom line is good food and great wine truly bring people together.

If  you  get a chance, try MacLeod Family Vineyard’s Sauvignon Blanc (2008).  Let me know what you think, afterall, I met the inspiration behind those grapes!