Let’s face it, mornings are super busy.  One of the top things I hear from my clients is that breakfast is hard to fit in.  I completely understand as I am a working mother of two – so I am always creating fast tricks to eat something quick and healthy for breakfast.  In working with MJ Tam, a busy mom, host of the on-line show, Chicagonista Live!, and lifestyle blogger, on healthy ways to get protein at breakfast – milk is a focus – as part of the National Milk Mustache “got milk?”® Campaign’s The Breakfast Project.   MJ is making great progress with balancing meals with high quality protein, whole grains, veggies and fruits – and bringing snacks with her on the go, too.

Here’s a simple breakfast trick – whip up a milkshake!  You can pair it with whole grain toast and nut butter and head out the door.  It’s tasty, quick and jammed-packed with calcium, vitamins A and D, potassium, as well as good quality protein (8 grams per cup). The best part is it’s portable – I pour my milkshake into a thermos and go!

Milkshake combos are endless.  Here are morning milkshakes you can whip up at home…no ice cream required (use frozen fruit instead).  For creamier milkshakes, use whole or 2 percent fat milk.


  • One cup milk + frozen cherries + handful semi-sweet chocolate chips + a mint leaf
  • One cup milk + frozen pineapple chunks + coconut (optional)
  • One cup milk + freshly brewed coffee, cooled, + a teaspoon vanilla + a drizzle of honey + handful of ice

Blend all these in your blender or Vitamix – on the “Frozen Dessert” setting.

If you have other milkshake ideas that you enjoy, let us know.  Shake up your breakfast today!


Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by the National Milk Mustache “got milk?”® Campaign. As always, all opinions are my own.