Finally, spring is in the air and it’s the time for new beginnings and renewal!   Not only do we get to shed our sweaters, coats and boots, but hopefully, we can lose some of the unwanted pounds and/or inches that may have crept up over the winter.  The average weight gain is 1 – 2 pounds per year and before you know it, that’s another notch on your belt.  A recent survey by the Mintel Group found that 80 percent of dieters are trying to shed pounds their own way – by combining different weight loss approaches to fit their own lifestyles.  The laws of weight loss are always the same – calories in versus calories out, but becoming smart to how you live, what foods you enjoy and how to expend more calories (i.e., move your body) throughout the day – will keep your expanding waistline at bay for life!


  1. Make one or two small changes in your diet or lifestyle and you will see the difference immediately.   For example, set the table with smaller plates and do not go back for seconds; portion out all snacks by measuring out beforehand in small baggies; forgo the candy jar on your co-workers desk – you be saving hundreds of unnecessary calories.
  2. Drink more non-caloric fluids.  Steer clear of soda, juices and watch the alcohol!   Studies show that we do not compensate for liquid calories by eating less solid foods.  Soup, is a liquid exception in that we tend to eat less after we’ve eating soup – choose the broth-based versions as the creamy ones are typically higher in calories and fat.      


Featured Food of the Month: Cucumber

With the spring upon us, freshness is the number one priority.  Whenever, I want a cool and refreshing flavor, my go-to is a cucumber.  Ok, so they are not very high in any particular nutrient, except water – however, they are so low calorie (20 calories per 1/3 of a medium cucumber) that you won’t even notice them.  Cucumbers are so crisp and clean that I enjoy dicing and tossing some cucumber into a salad with tomatoes, red onion and tofu and drizzling it with a dressing of balsamic vinegar, olive oil and a hint of Dijon mustard or adding a couple of paper thin slices to cold water for a spa-like refreshment.  Lastly, I mince a small cucumber into Greek yogurt with garlic and dill for a tzakiki dip that tastes out of this world!  I use it as a dip with whole grain crackers or as an accompaniment to grilled salmon or veggie quesadillas. 

How were you gearing up for the warm weather shape-up?  I’d love to blog about YOU.