We can all make a difference in the war against waste. According to a study by ECOlunchbox, the typical family wastes about $450 on throw-aways and creates thousands of pieces of garbage — just a lunchtime – every year!  That’s crazy . . .

Here are some ways that I try to reduce food waste in my house:

  • make bread crumbs or croutons out of old, stale bread (if moldy, cut off areas)

  • turn aging fruit in smoothies

  • saute shriveling mushrooms with garlic and onions

  • puree softening tomatoes into tomato sauce

  • put peels of bananas, oranges and kiwi in the ground as a fertilizer

  • don’t throw out eggs just because they are past their expiration date; they can last up to 3 – 4 weeks longer.  (Try the sink or float test: if an egg sinks it’s still good to eat; floaters are not still good as gases are building up inside the egg).

  • infuse water with overripe fruit or aging herbs or spices.  From watermelon to cucumbers to lemons to oranges; simply cut them up and squeeze or toss in with rind to flavor your sparkling or still water.

Infusion 1

The best part is: you can throw whatever you want in; it doesn’t have to look pretty to taste great. You can eat the fruit and veggies after you enjoy the flavored drink, too

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Strawberry Mint Lemon Cucumber Spritzer

Infusion 2

Serves 1


2 – 3 mini cucumber slices, unpeeled

1 large lemon wedge, unpeeled

1 strawberry, quartered

1 – 2 fresh mint leaves

8 ounces sparkling water


Toss all ingredients into a large glass or mason jar.  Add water, gently stir, sip and enjoy!