Summer is the best time to lose weight as it’s hot and you feel inspired to bare more skin.  Go for wet, hydrating items as they usually contain more water than calories, plus you fill up faster, too! 

Don’t forget about water – it’s a vital nutrient that cannot be out of your diet, especially in the heat of summer.  Water doesn’t contribute calories to your meal, but it can actually help you eat less, as well as hydrate your body.  I am encouraging  folks to join the Nestlé Pure Life Pledge Hydration Movement ( By taking the pledge and swapping one sugared beverage a day for water you’ll save 50,000 calories a year!*  That will definitely show up on the scale and in how your swimsuit fits, too.

Some of these best summer foods are: citrus fruits, try oranges, tangerines and kiwi not only are they juicy, hydrating and jammed back with vitamin C, but nature has portioned-controlled them for you.  Plus, peeling them makes for more mindful eating, which is great  for your waistline.  Leafy greens offer a plethora of nutrients like vitamin A, K and potassium  with very few calories — 1 cup of Romaine lettuce shredded is a mere 10 calories.  So chomp on these lush green leaves with a drizzle of vinegarette and enjoy the pounds come off!  Add some color to your summer plates with beets – for a mere 25 calories per 1/2 cup, they can satisfy a sweet tooth and give your body powerful anthocyanins called betalins, which can keep your cells healthy, too.

How are you hydrating today?  I’d love to know…


* This information was provided to me by Nestlé Pure Life as part of a paid partnership.