Let’s face it we are a mobile (as in mobile devices!) society, yet we are sedentary at the same time (the rising rates of obesity and diabetes tell us that!).  With the fast pace of the world, new mobile device technologies are being developed to cater to the nutrition/weight loss/diet industry BIG TIME!  People want on-the-go answers to eating right and being healthy, while still participating in the daily rigors of real life.   

Case in point: The latest smartphone-based service, The Webdiet.   How great – a phone that can send out “customized meal suggestions at the time of purchase” as a recent article claims on www.foodnavigator-usa.com!  Right?  Well, it sounds like a dream come true for people trying to eat more healthfully, lose weight and prevent disease, however, the users have to be very specific about their diet goals and what they already ate that day.  It could be a perfect way to create more mindful-based eating, which is what a nutritionist’s utopia is built upon! 

Others are following suite:  Weight watchers is also getting in on the act with a mobile service that mimics its on-line tools, support and planning features, however subscribers can access it anywhere.  Even food packaging will become an interactive tool as the latest innovation down the road is to imbed computer chips into food packaging to instantly link mobile phones to an on-line sustainable food guide….is that service, or what?!  Imagine learning how each food choice you make impacts the climate! 

There certainly is a lot happening in this arena — it’s an exciting time for the nutrition world as consumers can become more informed about what they consume.  Hopefully, the bottom line of this technology will be accomplished: weight loss/management and overall disease prevention. 

I’d love your techy thoughts on this topic…..to read the complete article go to:  http://www.foodnavigator-usa.com/Financial-Industry/Mobile-phones-to-tell-consumers-what-to-eat.