What is only one-calorie, and comes in varieties like White Icicle, Asian, Red Globe, Red Sno Bull, and Pink Rosa, and packs a crunchy zip in each bite?  Well, it’s the radish.  I have to be honest I have never been a fan of radishes, but the more I read about and use them the more I realize that this innocuous veggie poses a whole host of culinary possibilities.  With a vast array of varieties to choose from, there is not reason why you can find one you like.  As soon as spring hits, I will bee-line to my local farmer’s market and get busy with some fun radish recipes.  I may even be inspired to grow some on my windowsill!

Great radish combos:                                                                                                                                          – whole with feta cheese and cucumbers                                                                       

– quartered and tossed into mixed greens

– sliced and sauted with a hint of olive oil, a pinch of salt and used to dress up steamed brocolli  

– diced into an artichoke salsa for a delicious tongue twist   

So, surprise your family and house guests this spring by adding radishes to your favorite dishes…