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Work With Me


How Can I Help You?

My services include individual coaching, cooking classes and corporate wellness consulting.

 Let’s Eat Well: One-on-One Nutrition Coaching

I can help you get your eating on track with simple, realistic changes and nourishing recipes for you and your family.  My coaching focuses on a whole, real foods approach with an emphasis on flexibility in meal planning to find a balanced lifestyle that works for you.

Let’s Cook: Culinary Classes

I empower you to get into the kitchen to enjoy nourishing your body well with meals that are simple, quick and delicious.  From plant-based to lean protein to healthy fats, my healthy classes cover a broad range of eating preferences for health and happiness.

Let’s Talk: Speaking and Corporate Events

I enjoy lending my food and nutrition expertise at group meetings, as well as corporate events.  I offer a variety of seminars geared toward meeting specific lifestyle goals for casual and corporate settings.  My lively presentations offer real-life solutions to every day eating problems to make healthy eating and living simple, stress-free and enjoyable!

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